The high-performance document delivery system

HERMES DIGITAL is a server-based software solution with an intuitive web interface for partial-automatic capture, administration, processing and distribution of scan orders to the originating institutions and for automatic delivery of the digitized documents.

  • Fast, simple installation
  • Clear, structured workflow
  • Partial-automatic checking of order data(availability/location)
  • Delivery and invoicing can be checked at any time
  • Easy for customer to carry out further processing using flexible standard formats
  • Invoicing for services (pre-payment, post-payment or transfer to third-party systems)
  • Flexible configuration ensures easy integration with customer’s existing infrastructure
  • Open standard interfaces (eg Z39.50)
  • Use of standard components (hardware and software)
  • Ergonomic, flexible workstations independent of location
  • Optimum value for money
  • Means of delivery: email, FTP, internet, fax, post, courier, collection
  • Delivery formats: TIFF, PDF, JPEG, JP2
  • Languages: multilingual